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Join my Private, members only Audio Architecture Program and I will personally show you how to develop your own techniques that will build better sounding shows and put you on the path to success.

CAUTION: This is for Sound Engineers who are serious about getting awesome sounding shows and have the ambition to get better and get bigger gigs.

You can STOP here right now and carry on with your day… UNLESS

You are READY and WILLING to AMPLIFY techniques and strategies that are PROVEN to build your profile as a Sound Engineer and help you stand out from your competition, train you in unique thinking and skills that will boost your reputation and have clients queueing round the corner for your expertise.

Do you want to Kick Start Your Career, Engage more with Your Sound and Your Clients?

Are you sick and tired of watching those around you get that gig you really wanted?
Do you listen to that 'sound engineer' and wonder how the hell they get their mix sounding like that?

Learn from someone with extensive Real-world Experience and knowledge presented in an easily understood and engaging way.

Get knowledge you can start using straight away and start building better sound.

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Audio Architecture


Why would you want to learn from me?

Let me tell you

I've been working as a Live Audio Engineer for 26 years. I've travelled the globe mixing acts Like Basement Jaxx, UB40, The Bloody Beetroots, La Roux, Amy Winehouse, Corinne Bailey Rae, Underworld and many more. I've had my desk mixes turned into album tracks and even into a soundtrack for the silver screen.

I've mixed and supervised mixes on some very influential TV shows including Jay Leno, Dave Letterman, Conan O'Brien, Regis & Kelly, The View, MTV and the MTV Movie Awards, VH1, and Later… with Jools Holland.

My book Live Audio: the art of mixing a show has become required reading in universities and colleges across Europe and North America. It has an easy reading style and is designed for people who need to learn on the job. I don't like to get bogged down in all the technical detail, but it is important to understand the theory.

What we are going to do in this program is combine those important, integral building blocks for any sound engineer and combine them with easy to understand language and examples that you can go away and use today.

Out there in the world of the internet, there are so many tutorial videos, 'how-to' guides and information that's right, wrong, both or neither which just confuses us even more. The amount of times I've read papers by people who are saying words that I understand but in sentenses that have no sense. I have build a program that will guide you through mis-information, spark critical thinking and give you the tools to become, not just a good sound engineer, but a great one.

Don't take My word for it?
Read on...

Dave's teaching has always been special. In contrast to many others he's not presenting simple solutions or answers but teaches you to ask yourself the why as well as the how. Critical thinking is central when you're working with him and you learn a lot by questioning yourself as well as everything you encounter along the way. It may be the harder road to walk, but the results are totally worth it.
Oli Laugwitz

When sound engineers find out about my experience I'm constantly asked questions like:
  • "how do you get the backing vocals to sound big and full without swamping the mix?"

  • "Why isn't the low-end of my mix very well defined?"

  • "How can I get a compressor to really work properly?"

  • "I've been volenteering at my church but don't know how to move my career forward?"

  • "My band uses lots of backing tracks but it sounds really distorted, what can I do to make the sound big?"

Do any of the questions sound familiar?
Well my friends,
this program is exactly what you need.

I'm going to give you the opportunity to make a small investment in your future, progress faster and quicker and Learn the technical, practical, and political aspects of the job that I've dedicated the last 26 years perfecting.

Allow me to show you...
  • Understand how to think like a professional Sound Engineer

  • How To Stop those backing tracks from sounding small and distorted

  • How to choose the right equipment

  • How to be creative with the tools you are given

  • What the important aspects of live mixing really are

  • Create, from the templates only available on this program, stage plans, channels list and loads more extras

  • How to Produce a live show that everyone can be proud of

  • How to move from thinking only in the technical field to using your creative side to build better shows

  • How to market yourself as a go to sound engineer

in this step by step program.


Now, I'm not going to give away all my super secrets but I'll give you a little snippet to show you why so many people are signing up to this program.

Let me start with a question...

Have you ever noticed that sound seems to be clearer at night?

Any idea why?

Well, let's not get into too much detail, cause that's for all those career builders who have already signed up, but this is actually a thing. This whole principle is based on simple physics. Don't go running scared, I mean really simple principles that I guarantee anyone can understand, no matter where you are from, how rich your parents were or where you went to school. As with anything to do with our complex sonic world, the principles themselves are basic which build into more and more complex systems.

The simple physics we are looking at here is the speed of sound and refraction. When combined together our sound responds very differently from what you might expected.

But was does this mean? How can we implement this information into better sounding show?

This is unlike anything you have been involved with
So many courses teach you shortcut techniques and quick fixes. I'm going to let you into a little secret; there's no such thing as a shortcut but there is such a thing as efficiency of learning.

If you follow along with me, put the effort in, you'll soon be improving on what you're doing now.

Sound engineering isn't just about learning techniques that you can regurgitate time and time again. You need to learn how to adapt and grow.

Sound engineering is about understanding why and how things happen and making your own techniques.

Think about it, if I teach you a technique you'll use that until someone else tells you how to do the same thing a different way but if I teach you why and how certain things happen and in a certain way then you can create your own killer techniques, grow your own ability quicker and learning to critically think which will lead you to become a better problem solver. Let’s face it, the doors still have to open on time and the faster you are at solving that problem the longer the soundcheck.

This isn't a program for sound engineers who want to remain average for the rest of there careers, this is a program for sound engineers who want to become great.



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The Materials that make up this program are sent to you over a series of easily understandable emails that you can download and keep forever. There will be interviews, cheat sheets, tips, tricks and a whole plethora of other useful info to get you to that place you want to be.

Why does this program use email?
Because this is the best way to deliver content to people from all across the globe who spend alot of their time travelling. And it's so easy to just hit the reply button and ask a question straight away.

This is designed for serious engineers all across the globe.


This Program is designed for you to use straight away in the job you are doing now. Every couple of days you will recieve a new mini-module via email. Mini-modules are small, bite-size and easily understood lessons that always build on what we have learnt before. When you feel like you have reached a good enough understanding of the overall module, you can request the module exam.

What are you waiting for?


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Due to amazing demand for my audio architecture program the prices will have to raise soon.

Why the price?
This price reflects 26 years of my own hard graft and it gives you the chance to spend less money and gain more knowledge than you would on traditional courses.

This price gives you a real opportunity to invest in your future. It gives you the ability to get in contact with me and utilise my knowledge and skill to compliment your own. It's quite simple, if you have a question about anything sound related or what we've been talking about, hit reply and it comes straight to me.

That's why this is half structured online course delivered in mini-modules at a steady pace over time and half personal, 1-2-1 mentoring. Throw whatever questions you have at me and together, through guided thought, we will make you the best you can be.

How would you feel about spending thousands on course fees without really knowing what you're going to get out of it? If you were to instead spend £720 a year, that would seem like a good deal right?

Tell you what, sign up today and you'll pay half the regular price.

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